Personally, I enjoy reading and I have always have.  It’s part of the reason that I took this class, and a large factor in my deciding to major in English. However, despite my love of reading I have to say that hearing Dr. K’Olewe tell African folktales surpassed my love of literature! Not only was it highly entertaining, it led to a much greater understanding of how fairytales were passed.

I’ve really enjoyed the creative aspect of this course so far, and it was so interesting to see creativity in the form of storytelling. Dr. K’Olewe set the atmosphere so beautifully with the lights and the drums. Also, while I was a little hesitant at first (as I’m sure many of my classmates were), I really enjoyed the level of interaction Dr. K’Olewe’s presentation had. The singing and dancing not only kept everyone’s attention, it was hilarious!

By telling the stories in class, rather than having us read them ahead a time, I feel as though I have a greater understanding of the storytelling tradition, especially because the stories were told in a way that was relevant to the culture from which they came. With the lights out and the audience response to teller signaling that the story was about to begin, I almost felt as though we as students had been transported to a time when storytelling was a social gathering and an important part of a culture’s traditions.