We have already learned in this class that fairytales and other stories are communicated through a variety of different ways, orally and written being two of them. The lecture that Dr. Rose gave continued to open my eyes to not only another culture, but also to the many different ways that stories are told.

                I found the different ways of expression found in ASL storytelling to be particularly interesting. I knew already, through observing my friends who study ASL and asking them questions, that facial expression is a large part of the language. Watching people sign poetry augmented my understanding, and was very inspiring. I also found the different modes of storytelling neat. I had never seen anyone sign a story using the alphabet, and being able to spot different ASL letters in a story about a seemingly random topic was fascinating.

                This has contributed to my understanding of fairytales in that it has increased my knowledge of the different ways that stories are passed to an audience. Because deaf people have such a different way of communicating, they are able to tell stories in so many different and creative ways, just as fairytales are told in different ways.