First, here’s the link to Cassie’s blog…

If I had to pick one word to describe Cassie’s blog it would be “personality.” Cassie’s blog addresses each entry head on with spunk, and she never hides her true opinion! The incorporation of a fairytale which is not on the syllabus is very interesting and sets her blog apart from others in a unique way, while bringing in knowledge of fairytales that the rest of the class doesn’t necessarily have. Cassie also ensures that every post includes a point of view that is culturally relevant to today’s society, taking the lessons learned in the fairytales and applying them to today’s attitudes.

                My personal favorite example of this is her Little Red Riding Hood post. She addresses the issues of the story, such as Little Red’s sexuality, at the beginning of the post, but she also incorporates an issue that is important to her and many others: health. While this is not a primary feature of the story, many cartoons poke fun at the wolf’s dietary choices. Cassie is able to use these cartoons and her knowledge of the story as a platform to advocate for good health choices, and she does so in a way that the reader can find humorous.

                Overall, Cassie’s blog is very enjoyable to read. It is humorous, sassy, and always the questions and issues head on!