In the music video “Sonne” by Rammstein, the band puts forth a plotline similar to that of the fairytale “Snow White.” The plot of the video follows the basic outline of the story. It begins with the dwarves working in a mine, as they do in the story and Snow White lives with them in a house in the forest. Also, certain details like the glass coffin being placed on the mountain remain true to the original tale.

                The main differences between the video and the fairytale are in the characterization of Snow White. Whereas Snow White in the Grimm brothers’ fairytale is very innocent, the portrayal of Snow White in the Rammstein video is anything but innocent. The character more resembles Ke$ha than a fairytale princess. She mistreats the dwarves, forcing them to mine gold (which she snorts like a drug), hits them, and even spanks them.

                However, similar to the fairytale, Snow White plays a large part in her own destruction. Although there is no outside force such as a wicked queen out to get her, in the Grimm brothers’ fairytale Snow White’s own naiveness, and willingness to eat the apple, as well as try on the bodice and the comb, that ultimately did her in. The Rammstein version of Snow White overdoses on drugs (which are portrayed as gold).

                I thought that the costuming of Snow White, in the music video, was particularly interesting. Her outfit is remarkably similar to the outfit the Disney version of Snow White wears! I don’t know whether the band did this to make the character recognizable to an audience which has probably seen the Disney movie, or if it is a commentary on the company, but I found it amusing and easy to pick up on.