Assignment of the week: Survive like a million hours of work-shopping and sorority recruitment, and don’t forget to do the blog which is due on bid day by nine o’clock. Now that the day has settled down, and we’re hanging out doing the homework that no one, including our beautiful new pledge class, has gotten to all week I can finally relax and blog.

As soon as I saw this cartoon I cracked up! This was probably not an appropriate reaction, given the serious undertones of the cartoon, but it reminded me of “The Far Side” and it was funny so I did anyway. It so accurately captures the sexual undertones of Little Red Riding Hood and brings it into the modern age. During the time that the Little Red Cap lore came to be, no one could have imagined computers at all, let alone how people would use them in a way that was sexually predatory.

The social commentary in this cartoon is pretty apparent, but it’s a pretty sad commentary on how dangerous our society has become to children. While Little Red Cap certainly had to worry about sexual predators, children today even have to worry about them in places where they feel safe. The false sense of security that children have on the internet is certainly a contributing factor to these problems, much like Little Red’s overconfidence in the woods.

Overall, the cartoon really captures the contrast between the sexual predators of the 19th century and those of today. The author is able to effectively capture the essence of the original story and make it modern, through his incorporation of technology.